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frequently asked questions

What if I want a different design?

No problem! I’ll be adding new designs frequently, but if you don’t like The Don or The Mitch, we can come up with something else together.

Where do you host the sites?

Hosting is something you really don’t want to think about. That’s why I only host on trusted sources that include 24/7 support. Here are the rest of the details.

  • Free SSL

  • 24/7 Support

  • AWS Servers (This means Amazon Web Services)

  • PHP 7.2 Ready

  • Page Boost

  • Nginx Load balancer

  • Container-Based (this means it’s not shared hosting)

  • Daily Backups

What happens after the 12 months of hosting?

You can do two things after the 12 months. 1) Leave your site with me and the monthly charge for hosting is $39.00 Or 2) You can take your site and host it wherever you’d like to.

Will I be able to add more pages?

Absolutely! Easy-peasy. Your website is built on WordPress with Divi Builder so the sky is the limit! I can show you how to add more pages, or we can talk about a fee for me to do it.

Can I add eCommerce?

Sure can. Depending on what level of eCommerce you need, you’ll be able to add things like WooCommerce or a simple form that will take credit cards. However, at this low price adding WooCommerce is out of scope for this project.

Can I add my Calendly or Acuity calendar link?

I just keep saying yes! Yep we can do it two ways: 1. Link to it using your unique URL 2. Create a pop-up that only shows up when someone clicks Schedule a Call. The second way seems more native to the site and your user never actually leaves your site.

Can I change the colors of your layouts?

Uh huh, you sure can. We can match the layout to your color scheme.

Can I change the fonts?

Yes, however, you should choose your font from Google Fonts. They are free and already integrated into the site. You can see all of the Google Fonts here. If you choose a custom font it will require a little more development time and that would cost a little extra.

Can I use my own hosting?

No, unfortunately at this low price, I cannot take the extra time and work to export and install your site on another host. Also, I don’t trust other “cheaper” hosts and I would advise you to always go with premium hosting. 

How long does it take?

Right now, we are about 3 weeks out from starting. Once we start, it take about 8 business days.

Getting started as a StoryBrand Certified Guide is fun and exciting, but trying to get your website up can be a stress-inducing nightmare. That’s why I created the SB One Page Website for Guides. It is affordable, beautiful, and can be up and running in a snap. Get one today and look great as a Guide.

Here’s How it Works

1. Pick Your Layout


You're a Certified Guide!

2. Send me your copy


You're going to crush this!

3. Grow Your Guide Business


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I Know how it feels to start a guide business

You want to get out of the gates fast and be the best StoryBrand Certified Guide you can be.

In order to that, you need to look good online.

The problem is building your own website isn’t so simple and can take longer than you’d like. I believe in the good that StoryBrand is doing and that you deserve a great start. 

I’ve been helping clients and other Guides like you with great websites for over 5 years now.

All that’s left to do is:

  1. Go Choose a Layout
  2. Send Me Your Copy
  3. Go Grow Your Guide Business!

Now go choose a layout so we can get you on the road to being a Rockstar StoryBrand Certified Guide!